HSD Outsourcing



Outsourcing of strategic HR activities with a focus on recruitment and selection, training and development of leadership and work teams, positions and salaries, assessment of potential and performance, succession and remuneration and process management with an integrated solution with management models, technology and technological infrastructure.


Atração de talentos

Talent attraction

Selection, recruitment and executive searching.
Retenção de Talentos

Retaining talent

Identification, Assessment, succession plan, leadership development, team-building, coaching and mentoring.
Desenvolvimento Organizacional

Organizational development

Value chain, definition of roles and responsibilities, performance evaluation, results management, organizational climate and culture, performance monitoring, goals and results, Careers guide and organizational structure and capacity.
Atração de talentos


Job and salary plan, meritocracy, executive bonus, salesperson commission, PPR, ACT negotiation.