The structure of partners and associates that make up the senior team was built over a further 30 years, having served hundreds of companies in 50 sectors of activity, always based on strategy and governance for transforming companies and creating value. With a focus on longevity and based on a comprehensive view, diagnosis and assessment of facts and scenarios, we elaborate and implement plans for expansion, modernization, succession and professionalization, restructuring and business recovery.

Based on the definition of objectives and purpose, this involves strategic planning, structuring corporate governance and participation in Councils, adequacy of management and its various operational dimensions and processes, records and controls, design and implementation of succession management and equity processes. family businesses, risk assessment and management, all extended to any complementary purchase, sale or association of companies. In implementing these actions, we were pioneers in Brazil in the practice of interim management, already carried out by our team in more than 60 companies.

The structure for these services is currently composed of the following associates:


Fabrício Feijó

Entrepreneur, having an academic background as a Master in Administration from FGV-EBAPE RJ. MBA in Business Management and Marketing, and Post-graduate in Higher Education Methodology and Research from FGV-EPGE. Graduated in Social Communication at PUC / RS with professional experience as a business executive in the area of ​​commercial management, marketing and controllership, in addition to teaching and consulting activities.

Gil Picanço

Administrator (UFPR), with several extension courses in economics, finance, future market, strategic planning and marketing. Professional experience of 57 years, 10 as an English teacher, 18 years as an executive in the functions of Credit Manager, Financial Director, Superintendent and President and 29 years providing Business Consulting and Interim Management in medium and large companies in various sectors of activities.

Maia Francisca G. Lannes

Administrator (PUC-RS), Master's student in Administration (FGV-SP), with several extension courses in management, planning, production control, costs, quality process, lean manufacturing, mapping and management by processes, IT, implementation systems, logistics and supplies. Expertise in these areas accumulated over 43 years of professional practice, 12 in executive functions of trade and services companies and 31 as an interim consultant and manager associated with Orchestra® since the creation of Strategos - Strategy & Management of which she was a co-founder partner.

Marcos Ponce de Leon

Economist (Candido Mendes - RJ), with a Postgraduate Degree in Human Resources (PUC-RJ) and Business Training (Firjan / IEL / COPPE).

Professional experience of over 30 years as an executive and business consultant in General Administration, Strategy and, specifically, Human Resources, in the industrial, banking, air and maritime sectors, in national and multinational companies. Extensive experience in structuring major events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics, mainly in the relationship with hotel chains and Tourist Offices, in Brazil and abroad.

Tarcísio Gargioni

Business Administrator (UDESC) with specializations in Transport Engineering (COOPE / UFRJ) and Marketing and Services (FGV / SP). Experience in Land, Sea and Rail Transport and Logistics and Commercial Aviation. He worked at VASP for 10 years as National and International Cargo Director, at GOL he was the founder and for 10 years, Commercial VP, MKT and Services (passengers and cargo) responsible for the areas of Customer relations, Brand building, business strategy and relations with the market and at AVIANCA, as VP Comercial e Marketing. Also an entrepreneur, as well as a business management consultant.

Telmo Schoeler

Administrator (UFRGS), MBA (Michigan State University - USA), with extensions in Southern Connecticut and Yale (USA) and City of London (UK). Long experience as director and president of industrial companies, services and Brazilian and international banks, including the areas of credit, investment and M&A. He was a co-founder partner of Strategos - Strategy & Management, created in São Paulo in 1989, as well as Orchestra® Business Solutions, of which he is “Chairman”, also actively working in his consultancy team in the areas of strategy, governance, succession, finance and BAD. For the past 35 years he has been a member or chairman of the Boards of Directors or Advisory Boards of publicly traded or privately held companies, especially family-owned companies. National and international teaching experience and training. Member of GEEF / FGV-Law and co-author of books related to the governance, succession and longevity of family businesses.

Valter Gilberto Broda

Administrator (PUC / RS), Postgraduate in Environmental Planning (FACOS / Venturi Institute). Professional experience of more than 50 years both as an executive (materials and production management, VP of Administration and Finance, Export Director, President) in positions in Brazil and USA, and accumulating extensive consultative experience, in the industrial area, foreign market, administration and finance, having been founder and managing partner of DeMarco Consultoria, whose structure was associated with Orchestra®. Former Executive Director of Abrameq (Novo Hamburgo) and former Director of Industry of the Secretariat for Economic Development and Tourism (Novo Hamburgo City Hall).



Advice and consultancy. Understands, researches, identifies, studies and solves the communication / reputation problems of companies and institutions. Coaching for structuring the communication area. Image reinforcement, product launch, repositioning and press relations.

TDF Contabilidade

TDF is an accounting office, headquartered in Porto Alegre (RS) and a branch in São Paulo (SP) that works with accounting, Tax and Personnel Department at ERP Protheus, of client companies all over the country. The full knowledge of our team, formed by more than 40 employees, on the management system, legislation and business, guarantee the optimization of the use of ERP Protheus, qualified processes and timely reporting to the board. We provide total and necessary tax security for companies and reliability in the information generated by the ERP.


Senior consultants associated with specific training and experience, also act directly in this vector of Orchestra® solutions, in connection with financial institutions, investment funds, private equity, factoring and commercial development companies, as well as national and international certified partners. in M&A, in identifying the best resource alternatives for working capital and investment needs, including seeking investors or eventual going public.



HSD, initials for Human System Development, is a Human Resources consultancy that stands out in the market for its flexibility in meeting the different needs of companies in various segments and for the way it elaborates and manages HR policies and processes, formed by professionals with extensive experience accumulated in large companies and with the capacity to develop and implement people management strategies that follow the commercial objectives of their customers.


Miele Ladeira Scandiuzzi Advogados Associados

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, we are a legal boutique based in São Paulo, relative to 4 partners who personally work in the employer's labor, civil, contractual, corporate and tax areas, through services of legal notice, legal advice, mediation and asset recovery, with the support of partners in Brazil and Europe.

Alessandra Fachada Bonilha

Lawyer (Mackenzie-SP) and consultant in the areas of Family and Corporate Governance. Private and Judicial Mediator, specialist in managing corporate and business conflicts. Training in Negotiation from Harvard Law School, in Governance and Legal Planning in Family Businesses from FGV-Law. Mediator certified by “The Center of Mediation in Law” - NY, Advanced Mediator Certified by ICMFL. Integrates the staff of Mediators of the main Mediation and Arbitration Chambers in Brazil. She is director of CONIMA - National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions, member of GEEF - Family Business Group at FGV. Co-author of several books and articles related to Family Business and Conflict Management.


CESMARC (Mediation, Arbitration and Strategic Conflict Solutions Chamber) is a private chamber, created to serve the corporate segment of all segments. Its founders are legal professionals working in the business world for more than 20 years, being profoundly aware of the difficulties encountered in the jurisdictional provision, as well as the needs of companies that are unable to obtain adequate solutions in terms of cost savings through the conventional judicial system. time is money.

With an innovative structure, CESMARC offers its services on 3 different platforms, at the client's convenience: physical attendance at its headquarters in São Paulo, virtual attendance throughout the country through the digital platform “Cermarc On Line” and itinerant attendance, when the entire its structure is taken into the client companies. www.cesmarc.com

Institutional Council and Representation

President – Telmo Schoeler - tschoeler@orchestrasolucoes.com.br
Vice-President – Susana Campos - susana@hsd.com.br

Executive Committee

Telmo Schoeler – tschoeler@orchestrasolucoes.com.br
Susana Campos – susana@hsd.com.br
Márcia D. Ladeira – marciadaniela@mlsadvogados.com.br
Fabrício Feijó - f_feijo@terra.com.br