Our senior team of partners and associates has been built along over 30 years, having served hundreds of corporate clients in 50 sectors of activity, aiming strategy and governance for business transformation and value creation. Focused on company’s perpetuity and based on a comprising vision, diagnosis and evaluation of facts and scenario, we design and implement expansion, modernization, succession and professionalization, restructuring and recovery plans. Starting from a proposal and goal definition, this involves strategic planning, corporate governance structuring and Board membership, adjustment of management and its several operating dimensions and processes, registries and controls, management and wealth succession structuring and implementation for family owned companies, risk analysis and management, all extensive to eventually required or complementary M&A deals. For execution of such supports we have been pioneers in Brasil in the practice of interim management, already performed by our crew in more than 60 cases.

Current structure for these services is composed by:


Fabrício Feijó

Entrepreneur, with academic background that includes MBA (FGV-EBAPE – Rio de Janeiro), MBA – Management and Marketing (FGV-EPGE), post-graduation in Teaching Methodology and Research (FGV-EPGE), being also graduated in Social Communication (PUC-RS). Carries a professional business executive experience in sales, marketing and controlling leader positions, besides teaching and consulting activities.

Gil Picanço

Graduated in Business Administration (UFPR – Curitiba), with several extension courses in economics, finance, futures market, strategic planning and marketing. Has a professional experience of 57 years, 10 as a teacher, 18 as executive top positions in credit, CFO, General Manager and CEO. For the last 29 years acting a business and management consultant for medium and large companies in many sectors.

Maia Francisca G. Lannes

Business Administration graduate (PUC-RS), MBA (FGV-SP), and extension courses in management, planning, production control, costs, Quality process, lean manufacturing, process analysis and design, IT, systems implantation, logistics and supply. Expertise in these issues accumulated along 43 years of business practice, 12 as executive in commerce and service companies and 31 as member of the consulting team and interim management crew of Orchestra since the creation of Strategos – Strategy & Management, as one of its cofounders.

Marcos Ponce de Leon

Economist (Candido Mendes – RJ), Postgraduation in Human Resources (PUC-RJ) and Business Qualifying (Firjan /IEL/ COPPE).
Professional experience of over 30 years as business executive and consultant in General Management, Strategy and, specially, Human Resources, in the industrial sector, banking and air and maritime transport, both for Brazilian and foreign companies. Large experience in big events organization, such as Soccer World Cup and Olimpics, specially involving relationship with hotel chains and Tourism Secretaries, in Brazil and abroad.

Tarcísio Gargioni

Graduated in Business Administration (UDESC), specialized in Transportation (COOPE – UFRJ – Rio de Janeiro), and in Marketing and Services (FGV – São Paulo). Extended experience in transportation, terrestrial, maritime and rail logistics, as well as in airline management. Acted for 10 years as Director of national and international freight at VASP, then for other 10 years founder and VP of Sales, Marketing and Services at GOL and finally VP of Sales and Marketing at Avianca Brasil. Also an entrepreneur and business / management consultant.

Telmo Schoeler

Business Administration graduate (UFGRS), MBA (Michigan State University – USA), extensions at Southern Connecticut, Yale and City of London. Large executive experience as director and CEO of industrial and service companies, including head of credit, investments and M&A in both Brazilian and foreign banks. Was co-founding partner of Strategos – Strategy & Management in São Paulo in 1989, as well as of Orchestra™ Soluções Empresariais, being its Chairman, besides an active member of its consulting team in strategy, governance, succession, finance and M&A. In last 35 years has been a Board of Directors member or Chairman, in public and private companies, specially of family owned ones. Teaching and training experience, in Brazil and abroad. Is member of GEEF / FGV-Law and co-author of several books on governance, succession and perpetuity of family owned companies.

Valter Gilberto Broda

Business Administration graduate (PUC-RS), postgraduation in Environmental Planning (Facos / Instituto Venturi). Over 50 years business experience both in executive positions (production and supply manager, VP Administration and Finance, Export Director, CEO) in Brazil and USA, as well as providing consulting support in production, external markets, finance and general management. Founder and managing partner of DeMarco Consultoria, which operating structure was associated to Orchestra™ . Former Director of Abrameq (Novo Hamburgo) and Director for the Industrial Sector of the Economic Development and Touring Secretary of The Novo Hamburgo City Hall.



Over 20 years in the Corporate Communication market, Insider2 has a portfolio of several success cases. Each project is tailored in such a way that companies, entities and brands communicated strategically, through specific solutions and ways for different targets. Strategy defines and differentiates our work, where a unique proactive, multidisciplinary and dynamic behavior and positioning is a must.

TDF Contabilidade

TDF is an accounting services supplier, with head office in Porto Alegre (RS) and a branch in São Paulo (SP), providing accounting BPO, tax and human resources data and control through the Protheus ERP, for clients all over Brazil. The full knowledge of our over 40 members crew about the ERP itself, legislation and business, are a guarantee of the optimized use of Protheus, its qualified processes and the reporting on time to the client’s management and board. We provide full and required tax assurance and trust on data and information generated by the ERP.


Our senior associates carrying specific know how and experience, give also a direct support in this Orchestra™ vector in connection with financial institutions, Investment funds, “private equities”, factorings, as well as local and international M&A “certified partners”, always looking for the best working capital and investment funding alternatives, including search of investors or even eventual IPO deals.



HSD, derived from Human System Development, is a consulting company in Human Resources, that differentiates itself in the market by the flexibility in attending the specific and different needs of clients in all sectors, considering the way it proposes and handles human resources policies and processes. Our team of professionals carry a large experience accumulated in big companies and have the capacity to develop and implement people management strategies within the client’s objectives.


Miele, Ladeira, Scandiuzzi Advogados Associados

Operating for more than 20 years, we are a São Paulo based legal boutique where the 4 partners focus personally on corporate issues related to work, civil, contracts, shareholding and tax. Services are provided on processes, legal consulting, mediation, pending lawsuits and asset recovery, with the support of Brazilian and European partners.

Alessandra Fachada Bonilha

Lawyer (Mackenzie-SP) and consultant in Family and Corporate Governance. Private and legal mediator, specialist in shareholding and business conflicts solving. Extension courses in Negotiation (Harvard Law School) and Governance and Legal Planning of Family Owned Companies (FGV-Law). Certified Mediator of “The Center of Mediation in Law” – NY and Advanced Certified Mediator by ICMFL. She is part of the team of the main Mediation and Arbitration Chambers in Brazil, being also director of CONIMA (National Council of the Mediation and Arbitration Institutions) and member of GEEF – FGV (Family Owned Companies Study Group). Co-author of several books and articles related to Family Companies and Conflict Dealing and Solving.


CESMARC is a private mediation, arbitration and conflict solving chamber, created to serve the corporate world, in all its segments. Its founders are lawyers working in the business environment for over 20 years, being aware of the existing difficulties in the legal process and procedures, as well as of the companies’ needs usually unable to obtain from the Public Judiciary structure adequate solutions when time and money variables are considered.
With an innovative structure, CESMARC provides services through 3 different platforms, at client’s convenience and choice: physically, at its headquarter in São Paulo; virtually, all over the country, using its “Cesmarc On Line” digital platform; and through an itinerant service that takes its professionals to the client’s home.

Board and Institutional role

Chairman – Telmo Schoeler -
Vice-Chairman – Susana Helena Falchi -

Executive Committee

Telmo Schoeler –
Susana H. Falchi –
Márcia D. Ladeira –
Fabrício Feijó -